Over 350 million wild animals are trafficked globally each year. In Brazil, the pace has been growing exponentially—not due to collectors in foreign countries but due to the patterns of social media behavior.
Through a Data Intelligence research, we discovered that a large portion of searches for purchasing wild animals are directly linked to content engagement on social media.
The more users watch, like, and share cute animal videos, the more Instagram's algorithm shows, spreads, and monetizes such profiles. This, in turn, leads to more people purchasing more animals.
To break this circle, Ampara Silvestre Institute launched Wild Algorithm, an algorithm reset movement to stop people and the platform from fueling animal trafficking.
Agency: Edelman
CCO: Judy John, Mattias Ronge, Stefan Ronge
ECD: Felipe Braz
ACD: Marcelo Conde, Eiji Kozaka
Head of Art: Albert Botelho
Creative team: Clara Barrios, Andrea Ales
Production: TANGO Directors

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