In a life full of responsibilities, it's difficult to prioritize and find time for what delights you. Enjoying your little delights is always the last in your daily duties.​​​​​​​
With this campaign, our proposal was to inspire people to prioritize their small delights in your to-do list every evening. Explore this moment to free yourself from tensions and reconnect with your passions and what really delights us.
Late at night, in office areas, it's common to see those little windows lit up with busy people working inside.
We transform those lighted windows and other everyday scenes into true outdoor pieces that invite everyone to disconnect.
Agency: MRM/McCann Spain
Creative Director: Pepe Garcia, Mara Vidal
Art Directors: Albert Botelho, Borja Diego, Marcelino Contreras 
Copywriter: Rafael Martinez, Stefanie Salguero
Motion Graphics: Claudia Jara
Producer: Craft

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