Games, the largest entertainment sector in the world, surpassing even the turnover of the music and cinema sectors. But despite this, the depiction of Black hair in gaming is often still inaccurate, highly stereotypical, and ultimately, racist. In fact, 85% of Black Gamers feel that Black hair is poorly represented in video games.  
Authored entirely by Black creatives, The Dove: Code My Crown guide is a complete resource for the creation of authentic representations of Black hair in videogames.
This 250+ page guide features full 360 reference photos, step by step tutorials of different hairstyles, downloadable working files and cultural insights, all free for any one to download and use.
Giving the games industry the tools to better represent the millions of Black Gamers who play their games. And making sure that everyone sees their real beauty realised with respect, care and accuracy. 
Agency: Edelman
CCO: Judy John, Mattias Ronge, Stefan Ronge
Co-CCO: Melle Hock
ECD: Jamie Cordwell, Andrew Simon 
ACD: Thiago Campos, John Wilds
Art Directors: Albert Botelho, Thiago Campos
Designers: Albert Botelho, Izzi Mordini
Writers: Shareina Chandler, Olivia Thomas, John Wilds
Project Director: Sarah Brooks
Production: Byron Clear, Lucie Hackman, Mimi Inglis
Production Coordinator: Cynthia Corbett
Executive Producer: Jenny Read

Cannes Lions 2024 (Creative Strategy - Market Disruption) - Gold
Cannes Lions 2024 ( PR - Sponsorship & Partnership) - Silver
Cannes Lions 2024 ( Entertainment for Gaming>Diversity & Inclusion in Gaming) - Silver
Cannes Lions 2024 (Digital Craft - Personalised Storytelling & Experience) - Bronze

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