As the world’s temperatures continue to rise, established business practices need to be challenged. We created an initiative led by DP World to challenge a 100-year-old standard.
In line with robust, independent research, we would raise the temperature of frozen food inside shipping containers by three degrees, from -15C to -18C. This change wouldn’t harm the food inside the containers but – when executed at scale across the entire cold chain and industry – would be literally transformative for the planet.

For this idea to achieve the desired scale and impact, we had to convince competitors to become allies. So we set about making that happen; we launched at COP28, shared our research with the world and started enlisting companies and competitors to sign up to the Move to -15, for the sake of our planet.
Agency: Edelman
CCO: Judy John, Mattias Ronge, Stefan Ronge
UK CCO: Emma De La Fosse
Lead Strategist: Karin Robinson
Original Concept Creator: Eleanor Best, Brian Lewis, Riley Wilson
ECD: James Woods
Head of Conceptual Design: Steve Steve Malkerty
Conceptual Design: Albert Botelho
Senior Designer: Tom Caslin
Principal Writer: Holly Purchase
Senior Art Director: Andy Wyton
Senior Copywriter: Chris Kirk
Director, Creative Strategy and Innovation: Rebecca Jane Ball
Director, Creative Technology: Peter Richard Hall
Head od Production: Lucie Hackman
Producer: Sophie Venn

Cannes Lions 2024 (TITANIUM) - Gold
Cannes Lions 2024 (Sustainable Development Goals - Climate Action) - Gold
Cannes Lions 2024 (Creative B2B - Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility) - Silver
Cannes Lions 2024 (Creative B2B - Market Disruption) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Sustainable Development Goals - Responsible Consumption&Production) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Sustainable Development Goals - Partnerships for the Goals) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Excellence in PR Craft) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Insights & Measurement) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Creative Strategy - Challenger Brand Strategy) - Shortlisted
Cannes Lions 2024 (Creative Strategy - Corporate Purpose & Social Responsibility) - Shortlisted

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