When a person is diagnosed with a rare disease, a large part of their life begins to revolve around that disease. And before they know it, something very important is lost: who they really are. In February 2024, Alexion launched The Identity Diagnosis, the first diagnosis to define patients for who they really are, not for the disease they face.
We partnered with doctors and with poet and activist Noah Higón, a rare disease patient herself, to develop The Identity Diagnosis. By using Noah’s style of writing, we trained an A.I. tool and left the Identity Diagnosis available for everyone.
This is the Artificial Intelligence tool that has been made available so that everyone can have their own Identity Diagnosis.
Agency: Edelman
CCO: Mattias Ronge, Stefan Ronge
ECD: Felipe Braz
ACD: Marcelo Conde, Eiji Kozaka
Head of Art: Albert Botelho
Creative team: Albert Botelho, Clara Barrios, Andrea Ales

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