The closer a product gets to expiring, the fastest supermarkets need to sell them. So, they drop the prices. But if the price drop aren’t enough to be noticiable by the clients in the store, the products end-up stuck on the shelf. A waste, not only for the business, but for society.
Supeco, Carrefour’s low cost supermarket chain, believes savings can go beyond low prices: they can also help avoid waste. Introducing Best Before 24h. The win-win promo that advertises perishible products in a format with a short lifespan: Instagram Stories, the ephemeral media space that lives 24 hours only.

Agency: Publicis - Spain
CCO: Eduardo Marques
Creative Director: Juliana Paracencio
Art Directors: Albert Botelho, Ivan Montebello

** EL SOL **
1 Silver in Digital & Mobile / Digital campaign
1 Bronze in Media / Best use of social and mobile platforms

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