Every end of the year the sausages brand Campofrio launches one of the most expected TV spots. Always using a relevant and humorous tone, the 2021 theme was the social phobia that the pandemic letf on people. Our challenge? To create a digital campaign with the same tone, optimistic and with the capability of incentive people to regain (with all the safety measures) their life's routine.
Our insight: The web is full with challenges, but after all that we had been through in the last years, we figure it out that enjoy life was the most feared challenge of all. 
So we managed to create a web page with 15 illustrated challenges and started to defy people into regain step by step their past lifestyle and the things they used to do before the Pandemic: since hug a person to a last minute and unplanned trip.
In the end of the experience, one sharable graphic it is automatic generated, to aware the user how his social life is going. 
To amplify the action in social media, we did short videos with the actors doing some of our challenges.
Creative Director: Guillermo Santaisabel
Art directors: Eva Landaluce, Albert Botelho
Head of art: Rafael Merino
Copywritter: Mercedes Laso
Illustrator: Nahuel Bardi
Project Management: Miguel Simón
Development: Grupo W (Mexico)
Movie Concept: Mónica Moro and Raquel Martínez

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